Making Product Design Videos

Videos have an amazing power to capture attention, here is why they're incredibly important for designers.

The power of product movies

Videos are incredibly valuable in the toolbox of a designer. They will engage your audience in ways that photos and text could only dream of. Videos can remove all the noise, and distill the essence of your message. They provide you with the full control of your content and the chance to choreograph an immersive story. Videos are multipliers of emotions, and in the end – it’s all about emotions.

The first video I want to present is of one of my favorite things I have at home.

I find this kettle to be a great piece of design. While the kettles main purpose is to boil water, you also want to let the user know that the task is completed. I love the elegance of this solution. It’s balanced and efficient. It’s a closed loop design, where the consequences of one actions can be utilized for another. I think all designers pursue symbiotic solutions like this.


Our favorite things

For our class, each student chose their favorite thing and made a video of it. Out of the six videos made, we couldn’t resist the fire crackers video. Our professor screened the Norwegian short film ‘Døren som aldri smakk’ – ‘The door that never closes’ – telling the story of man whose mother dies. We were instructed to combine the topic of loneliness with firecrackers.

This is what we came up with.

We saw fire crackers as a ‘social crowbar’, so if you ever feel ignored, just bring some fire crackers to the party. The video was well received, but too inefficient. Principally, these are the only necessary elements of a movie.


Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Efficiency is key. How late can you jump in to a clip? How early can you jump out of the same clip? If the clip has conveyed its content, move on. This is a direct analogy to product design. It’s all about reducing things down to its essence.


Curing loneliness

We have been collaborating with Novelda AS this term investigating how we can utilize their revolutionary radar technology in consumer products. With the governing topic of loneliness, we protoyped how their technology could ‘cure’ it.

The result is a fictitious product – a pair of glasses with embedded radar technology – to give back the gift of sight to blind persons. The movie has a much stricter dramaturgy. It is more efficient and any superfluous elements have been removed. The result is straight to the point and emotional.

Saving Lives

Out latest project was done in collaboration with Otivio, utilizing their unique technology to save cardiac patient lives.